Secondary School Open House Information


            Dear Primary 6 pupils,



                     Below is a list of the various Secondary Schools' Open Houses (Direct School Admission -  DSA


                     programme) for Year 2016. By attending the Open House, you can find out more about the school


                     and the programmes the school may offer.


                     For the secondary schools which you are interested in, you may wish to note down the dates of 


                     their Open House. 


Date / Day School Time Remarks
28th May 2016 / Sat Catholic High School

Slot 1: 8.30am

Slot 2: 10.30am

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28th May 2016 / Sat Dunman High School 9am to 3pm

Principal Talk at

10am & 1pm
28th May 2016 / Sat

Nanyang Girls High 

8am to 2pm

More Information

28th May 2016 / Sat Swiss Cottage Secondary 9am to 11am

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*Ends 20th May*


28th May 2016 / Sat Victoria School 8am to 1pm

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