Dear Parents/Guardians


Two New Shows to Watch with Your Children


Two new programmes that might interest you! Both series give insights on how parents can help their children make well-informed choices in their education and career, and prepare them for the future.


Catch these shows with your child and take this chance to share how both of you feel about pursuing one’s strengths and interests. Ask your child about his aspirations and what you can do to help him pursue them.  Share the links with your parent friends and encourage them to do the same. It’ll be a good discussion topic the next time you meet for ‘kopi’! Who knows what you might learn from other parents?






En Route, Onward airs on Channel 8 every Tuesday,

10.30pm, from 14 April to 5 May

En route, Onward is a 4-episode Chinese Language documentary series that tells the real-life stories of four remarkable individuals and their journey to success, defined in their own terms.


Episode 1 airs on Tue, 14 April, at 10.30pm. It features 27-year-old Chen Zhang Kai. As a student with little interest in his studies, he scored 84 points for his PSLE. Today, he is a full-time animator doing what he loves, every single day.


The path he took was shaped by the choices he made, with the guidance of his teachers, friends and family. Find out how he found his passion and developed his strength in the visual arts.


Watch the series trailer here. You may also wish to share MOE's Facebook and Twitter posts about the series.





Heart to Heart Talk (HTHT) is a 5-part Web Series. Each episode is about 6 minutes long. Watch it online onToggle and’s YouTube channel

Heart to Heart Talk (HTHT) features students having a frank chat about the future with their parents, mentors, and industry professionals.


Learn about how each of them discovered their interests and strengths, and how they hope to reach their career aspirations.


5 short episodes will be released on Toggle and YouTube over the next few weeks. 2 episodes are already available for viewing online.


Episode 1 features primary school kids and their parents having a delightful, and sometimes surprising, chat about their aspirations. One of them hopes to be a teacher – but you’d never guess why!


Click here to watch Ep 1 on YouTube, or here to watch it on Toggle



In Episode 2, secondary school students talk with their parents about what they want to do in the future. Do these parents know their children as well as they think they do? Can they see eye to eye about what it means to succeed in life?


Click here to watch Ep 2 on Toggle


You may wish to share MOE's Facebook post about the series. All episodes will be available on Toggle,here.








The Growing Years Programme

Dear Parents/Guardians of P5 and P6 students,

Information regarding the Growing Years programme for Primary 5 and Primary 6 students has been uploaded to the school website and can be accessed here.


All students are strongly encouraged to attend the programme. Please be reminded to fill in the acknowledgement slip and return it to your child’s/ward’s form teacher by 30th January 2015.


Thank you.