"Everyday Responsibilities" for your child


            Dear Parents,



                     In this June holidays, you play an important role in the holistic education of your child at home too!


                     Acting Minister Ng Chee Meng launched the "Everyday Responsibilities" initiative, to teach children 


                     to be responsible for their classrooms and shared spaces in school. With your help, this can be 


                     reinforced at home by involving your child in some simple household tasks. Here are some tips to


                     involve your child in age-appropriate chores:



Everyday Responsibilities

Character development in our children is most effective when there is partnership among home, school and the community. The Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) curriculum provides opportunities for parents to reinforce our children’s learning and values nurtured in schools. Through these CCE Family Time activities, parents and children can decide, plan and carry out children’s contributions to the home. This includes cleaning tasks like making their beds, washing dishes or helping to clean the house. 


With constant practice, our children will learn pro-social behaviours and cultivate good life habits.


On the left is a simple set of chores your child could do over the holidays :)

Why Children Should Do Chores


Retired Principal Mrs Jenny Yeo shares how parents can nurture young children to be more responsible and independent through doing chores. Click here to read more.













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