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The Growing Years Programme

Dear Parents/Guardians of P5 and P6 students,

Information regarding the Growing Years programme for Primary 5 and Primary 6 students has been uploaded to the school website and can be accessed here.


All students are strongly encouraged to attend the programme. Please be reminded to fill in the acknowledgement slip and return it to your child’s/ward’s form teacher by 30th January 2015.


Thank you.




Registration of Interest for YMCA Student Care Centre @ Yio Chu Kang Primary School
For Parents with Children from Primary One to Primary Four (2015)

Dear Parents of P1 to P4 YCKPS Students (2015),

Our school’s Student Care Centre (SCC), managed by YMCA, will begin operation from Friday, 2 January 2015. The SCC is opened for registration from 18 December till 24 December 2014, 12 noon.Due to the limited number of places in the new start-up, we are offering the places in the SCC to parents with children from Primary One to Primary Four of academic year 2015 only. These parents can also indicate interest if they have older existing YCKPS children who require the services of the SCC.


You can find more details about the services of the SCC in the enrolment information sheet.

We invite parents of Primary One to Primary Four students of 2015 to complete the registration form* below, if they are interested to enrol their child(ren) in the SCC for academic year 2015

* A hardcopy of the registration form is also available at the school’s General Office.

 Please submit the registration form in person to Yio Chu Kang Primary School’s General Office or email to by Wednesday,24 December 2014, 12 noon.


 Please note that places are limited and allocation of places is subjected to school-based admission criteria. We seek your understanding that the decision made by the School Committee is final. 


For any clarification or queries, please contact the service provider, YMCA – Ms Wendy Lim at HP: 9151 3590 or the school’s Administration Manager, Mdm Annie Toh

at 6385 1365 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm)


Thank you.